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Some great new books have just been published in the UK about Turkey, and are now in our stock! - January 2009  


Beautiful coffee-table / presentation books:   



At Home in Turkey


Celebrated photographer Solvi dos Santos presents a glorious style-collection capturing the soul of the Turkish home. She travelled in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to the four corners of Turkey, from Istanbul and the Black Sea to the Aegean and Cappadocia to complete this marvelous work.



In this richly illustrated Chef’s tour of Turkey Greg and Lucy Malouf bring a blend of travel and culinary writing.


Istanbul City of Two Continents


   Words by John Freely and 175 water-colour illustrations by John Cleave combine to descibe the city.   


 Turkish cuisine:

Food and Cooking of Turkey

All the traditions, techniques and ingredients, including over 150 authentic recipes shown step by step in 800 photographs.   


The Turkish Dining Table


A wide range of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.    

The Sultan’s Kitchen

How to produce sumptuous Turkish food in your own kitchen



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