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Danziger's Travels

Nick Danziger




Beyond Forbidden Frontiers

Nick Danziger's graphic account of his hair-raising adventures during an eighteen-month journey 'beyond forbidden frontiers' in Asia has a vivid and unforgettable inpact.


Travelling in disguise as an itinerant Muslim, his journey on foot and using local transport cost him 1,000 pounds in all - exactly one-third of the Winston Churchill travel fellowship he recieved in London. After walking and hitch-hiking through southern Turkey and the ayatollahs' Iran, he entered Afganistan illegally in the wake of a convoy of Chinese weapons and spent two months dodging Russian helicopter gunships with rebel guerrillas. He was the first foreigner to cross from Pakistan into the closed wesern province of China since the revolution of 1949. Living and travelling with local people and pitting his wits against officialdom, Danziger broke barriers and crossed boundaries of all kinds.

Written with engaging humour and a great zest for life, Danziger's Travels is an expectional travel book in every way, handsomely illustrated with the authors' own outstanding photographs and drawings.


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