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Afghanistan: Land of Conflict and Beauty

John C. Griffiths



The events of 9/11 and the subsequent "War on Terror have catapulted Afghanistan into the consciousness of the Western world. But how much do we really know about this turbulent nation?


John C. Griffiths delves into the history, culture, social fabric, internal politics and economy of Afghanistan. He reveals a nation living in the shadow of perpetual conflict from Genghis Khan, through the Russian invasion to the rise of the Taliban.


Set against Afghanistan's deep-rooted religious, ethnic and social divisions and devastating civil war, Griffiths examines the political situation arising from the internecine battles between the numerous factions, amongst them the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. He also asks whether it is possible or appropriate for the West to attempt to impose any kind of government on a country that has at its core a collection of diverse, independent, proud and anarchic peoples.


Afghanistan: Land of Conflict and Beauty provides an up-to-date, perceptive and informative account of a country trapped between the Middle Ages and the twenty-first century.



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