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Baechtolds Best: Afghanistan




Planning a trip to Afghanistan? Bring a Baechtold!


Baechtold's Best is a revolutionary concept in travel guides. Created exclusively using images and maps, Baechtold introduces the traveler to the best of what each country has to offer. New, less expensive ways of traveling haven't yet been matched by new concepts in travel guides; most guides boast encyclopedic ambitions and fill their pages with lengthy descriptions. By constrast, Baechtold guides are created on the premise that one good photograph and an address are enough to point the intrepid traveler in the right direction.


Afghanistan is Baechtold's first destination and this guide offers insight into this country's many splendors. Each subject covered is illustrated with photographs accompanied by a map to get you there. In each case, Baechtold offers the traveler a number of options and then designates the "best."


Looking for a picnic spot? Here is the loveliest. I

nterested in burkas? See the latest models.


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