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Iran: A Beginners' Guide

Homa Katouzian




Since the 1979 revolution, Iran hasbeen locked in conflict with the United States and Europe. Personified in the West by a series of bogeyman from Ayatollah Khomeini to Mamoud Ahmadinejad, this villanious mask obscures a far more complex identity, forged by a vibrant and chaotic history.


Revealing the country's true face, acclaimed expert Homa Katouzian delves deep into Iran's past, exploring how an ancient civilization at a crossroads of diverse dynasties and religions grew to become an ethnically, linguistically, and culturally rich nation. Centuries of arbitary rule and revolution  - from the first Persian empires to the Green Movement - are brought to life as Katouzian offers fresh insight into this fascinating country. Asking where its future may lie post-Arab Spring, this is the perfect primer for understanding a country characterized by constant flux and controversy.


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