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A Tourist in the Arab Spring

Tom Chesshyre





One year after the first uprisings of the Arab Spring, Tom Chesshyre jumped on a plane and travelled as a tourist across Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. the result is travel writing on the edge. He tracks down the spot where a now-famous fruit seller martyred himself, visits forgotten Greek and Roman ruins, falls asleep to the sound of gunfire and crunches his way across rubble at Gaddafi's bombed-out bunker.


Most illuminating of all are impromptu discussions with the people he meets - preachers, smugglers, bullet miners and rebel soldiers - who are often bewildered to see a tourist but keen to talk about life before, during and after the revolution. Inspired by those who gave so much for a future that hangs in the balance, Chesshyre gives a compelling, moving and humorous account of his adventure.


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