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I Shall Not Hate

Izzeldin Abuelaish




On 16 January 2009, just twelve weeks after their mother died of leukemia, Izzeldin Abuelaish's three eldest daughters and his niece were killed when their bedroom in the family home in Gaza was ripped apart by Israeli shells. I Shall Not Hate, which movingly recounts the family tragedy, also tells the life story of the Gaza doctor who treats patients on both sides in the conflict. From his impoverished childhood in a refugee camp to becoming one of the world's leading infertility experts, his has been an extraordinary life.


Abuelaish's powerful account is as honest as it is moving, showing one man's courage in the face of situations that would have defeated many of us. Above all, his memoir is not a bitter tale of hatred or rage towards his daughters' murderers, nor a cry for sympathy amidst a devastating family tragedy, but a powerful plea for reconciliation.


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