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Beirut 39

Samuel Shimon




Beriut 39 presents the best young Arab writers from around the world.

Ranging from Saudi Arabia to Morocco, from France to Syria and from Lebanon to Holland and the USA, and taking in poetry, short stories and extracts from novels, the collection showcases the vibrancy and diversity of writiing across the Arab world today.


The pieces were written in Arabic, French, Anglish and Dutch and have been translated by leading translators, including Roger Allen, Sarah Ardizzone, Marilyn Booth, Tony Calderbank, Humphrey Davies, Fady Joudah, Susan Massoty and Frank Wynne.

The judges who selected the 39 writers from among more than 480 candidaates were: Egyptian literary critic, Gaber Asfour; Lebanese poet and culturala editor of the international daily Al-Hayat newspaper, Abdo Wazen; Lebanese writer, Alawiya Sobh; and Omani poet and editor-in-chief of the Omani cultural magazine Nazwa, Saif al-Rahbi.


The editor of Beirut39, Samuel Shimon, worked with the 39 writers to select the pieces included in this anthology. He is an Iraqi writer and the editor of Banipal, the London-based magazine of new Arab writing in English translation. 


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