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Iraqi Girl

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field






Diary of a Teenage Girl in Iraq

"I feel that I have been sleeping all my life and I have woken up and opened my eyes to the world. A beautiful world! But impossible to live in."


These are the words of fifteen-year-old Hadiya, blogging from the city of Mosul, Iraq, to let the world know what life is really like as the military occupation of her country unfolds. In many ways, her life is familiar. She worries about exams and enjoys watching Friends during the rare hours that the electricity in her neighborhood is running.


But the horrors of war surround her everywhere - weeklong curfews, relatives killed, and friends whose families are forced to flee their homes. With black humour and unflinching honesty, Hadiya shares the painful stories of lives changes forever. "Let's go back," she writes, "to my un-normal life."


With her intimate reflections on family, friendship, and community, Iraqi Girl also allows us to witness the determination of war, a future worth living for.


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