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Empire of Sand

Robert Ryan




The First World War rages in Europe, but intelligence officer Thomas Edward Lawrence has been consigned to the Map Room at GHQ in Cairo. Yet, spurred on by personal tragedy, he is about to unlock a secret that will alter the course of history.


Lawrence is convinced that an Arab revolt is the only way to remove the Ottoman presence and achieve a free Arabia. But through his network of spies alaming reports reach him of a tribal uprising against the British, orchestrated by infamous German agent Wilhelm Wassmuss. Hostages have been taken and the War office in London immediately despatch goverment assassin Captain Harold Quinn to Cairo on a deadly mission.


With a shared purpose, Quinn and Lawrence begin the hazardous journey to the deserts of Persia. They soon discover that their German nemesis is an experienced master of stealth and deception. But has he finally met his match when he confronts the shrewd and resourceful tactician, Lawrence of Arabia?


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