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A Taste of Thyme

Claudia Roden




From the plains of Central Asia to the Spice Bazaar of Istanbul and the rocky heights of the Atlas Mountains, food plays a crucial part in every aspect of life in the Islamic world. This absorbing work presents the role of food culture as an emblem throughout the Middle East, and will appeal to all those with a passion for food and cooking.


There is a lot more to food than eating and cooking. Behind every dish lies a world, a culture, a history. Dishes have social meaning, they have emotional and symbolic signifiance. Food is about power. It is an expression of identity and ideology. It touches on issues of class, gender, race and ethnicity. It is a clue to history. It has a language.


This book is dazzling in its breadth and rigorous analysis and there are many jewels of information. It puts Middle Eastern food in its context and offers a fascinating insight into life in previously unknown worlds.


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