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From Babel to Dragomans

Bernard Lewis




Bernard Lewis, internationally recognised as an outstanding scholar, is one of the world's leading authorities on Middle Eastern and Islamic history. This book collects together in one volume many of his most important essays, lectures, conference papers and reviews - several previously unpublished - from more than four decades of observation and analysis.


The range is wide, the conclusions often unexpected. Subjects include the culture and history of Iran from earliest antiquity until modern times, the relationship between Europe and Islam, propaganda in the pre-modern Middle East, the Mughals and the Ottomans, pan-Arabism religion and murder in the Middle East, and the problems and practice of writing Middle Eastern and Islamic history, as well as more esoteric matters such as Middle Eastern food and feasts, and travel in the Middle East - from pilgrims to tourists.


Great events of twentieth-century Middle Eastern history such as the emergence of modern Israel and the 1979 Iranian Revolution are discussed. And recent compelling events are also dealt with: the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan  and the appeal of Osama bin Laden.


In his reflections, which are prefaced by a personal memoir, Bernard Lewis consistently and brilliantly illuminates our understanding of Islam and the Middle East - a crossroads of civilisation for more than two thousands year which yet remains as a focus for the most corrosive resentment and conflict.


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