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High Tea in Mosul

Lynne O'Donnell




What was the Gulf War like for ordinary Iraqis?  Lynne O'Donnell tells the story from the point of view of two British ladies married to Iraqis, who found themselves caught up in the middle of war.


Pauline from Lancashire had been in Mosul for 30 years; her husband Ali was a doctor. Her friend, Margaret from Durham, was also a long-term expat in Iraq, married to Zahair. Each lady had met her husband in the UK, fallen in love, and moved to Iraq. Each had stayed through the Sadaam era, the Iran-Iraq War, the limitations imposed by sanctions, and the First Gulf War.


But with the breakdown of society in the mainly Kurdish area of northern Iraq around Mosul, each couple reluctantly decides to flee.


Click here for Marion's full length review of High Tea in Mosul that was published in Turkey's national English-language newspaper Sunday's Zaman.



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