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The Young Atatürk: From Ottoman Soldier to Statesman of Turkey

George W. Gawrych


Mustafa Kemal - latterly and better known as Atatürk - is without doubt the towering figure of modern Turkish history. But what was his path to power? And how did his early career as a soldier in the Ottoman army affect his later decisions as President? The Young Atatürk tracks the lesser covered period of Kemal's life - from the War of Independence to the founding of the Republic - and shows that it is only by understanding Kemal's military career that one can fully comprehend how he evolved as one of the twentieth century s most extraordinary statesmen.Delving into Kemal's military writings,orders, and political decisions, speeches, proclamations and private correspondences,this book provides a rounded and nuanced portrait of the making of a major statesman.




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