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The Young Turks

Feroz Ahmad




First published in 1969, this book has become the definitive study of the ‘Young Turks’ also known as the Committee of Union and Progress. Counting Turkish army officers as its members, the Young Turks sought to reform the Otoman Empire by provoking a constitutional revolution against Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Feroz Ahmad describes these events and the ensuing counter-revolution of 1909, including a discussion of the ‘Group of Saviour officers’ who were determined to destroy the Young Turks. The Otoman Empire was routed by the Balkan coalition during the first Balkan war and suffered great losses in Macedonia. But in 1913 they regained power in a coup led by the charismatic Enver Bey. Afterwards the Young Turks abandoned the idea of a ‘union’ and pursued a more moderate policy. Ahmad’s book concludes with an examination of territorial losses and the consequences on the Ottoman State of six years of war.


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