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Travels and Discoveries in the Levant Vol 2

Charles Thomas Newton



C. T. Newton (1816- 94) was a British archaelogist whose great interest was in Greek and Roman artefacts. He studied at Christ Church, Oxford, before joining the British Museum as an assistant in the Antiquities Department. Newton left the Museum in 1852 to explore the coasts and islands of Asia Minor, returning in 1861 as Keeper of the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities.

First published in 1865, these volumes contain an account of his travels and archaeological investigations around the Aegean and the coast of Turkey between 1852 and 1859. Using a series of letters written during his tarvels, Newton describes his archaeological discoveries together with valuable observations contemporary Greek and Turkish culture. He also provides an account of his celebrated excavation of the tomb of Mausolus of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Volume 2 describe his discovery and excavation of this legendary building.


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