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Turkey Unveiled

Nicole and Hugh Pope




A History of Modern Turkey


Turkey today - very likely the world's fastest growing tourist destination - defies easy categorisation. Friends extol the Turks for their hospitality, their rich history and culture, and their strategic alliance with NATO. Detractors cite military coups and Islamic fundamentalism. Turkey Unveiled is the only book in many years to attempt to fill a gap in perception with regard to this extremely complex country, and this paperback edition includes a postscript which brings the book completely up to date, with coverage of the most recent developments in Turkey, including its bid for European Union membership.


The authors, who speak fluent Turkish and have reported from Turkey for more than a decade, provide a rich mosaic of contemporary Turkey and its formative past. The Kurdish struggle, and the controversial legacy of the brilliant but autocratic founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, are all explored in detail, alongside portraits of new leaders who have broken taboos and ushered in new freedoms at a time when other forces attempt to pull Turkey back into the Middle Eastern vortex. 


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