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Turn My Head to the Caucasus

Aydın Osman Erkan



The Biography of Osman Ferid Pasha

This is the story of one man's passion for freedom and peace, his courage and devotion to serve and remain faithful to his heritage, family and adopted country.

Shapli Osman Ferid's life captures the spirit of thousands of refugees caught up in the momentous events of the final capitulation of the Caucasus by the Russians and the disintergation of the Ottoman Empire. The strict discipline of his formative years empowered him with the courage and unshakable sense of duty to overcome hardships and personal injustices while remaining loyal to the tradition-bound demands of a military career.


Osman Ferid's story begins as a child warrior in the Caucasus until the forced immigration to Istanbul challenged the security of his family and way of life. Through hard work, straight dealing and good manners he worked his way through the ranks of the Ottoman army to become Commander of Taþkýþla Barracks. Unjustly exiled to the arid deserts of Saudi Arabia, Osman Ferid Pasha finally found love and inner peace.


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