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Across Asia On a Bicycle

Thomas Gaskell Allen




In June of 1890, two young men left on a epic journey. The day after graduating from Washington University, they set out to circle the world on bicycles. Over the next three years they would travel over 15,000 miles, completing what was at that time the "longest continuous land journey ever made around the world."


This book, back in print for the first time in over a century, is their description of their trip across Asia in 1891-92. In many cases, these two young men provide us with one last glimpse of cultures that would soon be forever altered by the arrival of the rail and telegraph.


Their goal was to complete their college education by getting to know the people of the world face to face, unhampered by guides and translators. To do that, they chose to travel by a new invention; the modern bicycle opened doors, stimulating a curiosity that served far better than any passport or letter of introduction would.






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