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The Topkapi Secret

Terry Kelhawk




On display at Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul lies the Topkapi Codex, an ancient manuscript of the Koran. Its secrets are just out of reach, sealed behind impenetrable glass. Is its text the key to exploding a centuries-old myth about the Koran? Are its pages stained with the blood of one of the Prophet Mohammed's mortally wounded followers? No one knows, because the Topkapi Codex is off-limits.


Mohammed Atareek is committed to gaining access to the museum's forbidden manuscript. His research leads him to believe that the Koran hides within it an extraordinary secret-a truth that would turn the Muslim world upside down. Evidence lies within the Topkapi Codex, but the risks involved increase as other Koranic scholars start turning up dead.


Angela has lost just about everything except her money and her job. On a study trip to the Middle East, her research on women's issues gets sidetracked when her path crosses Mohammed's. His overconfident, impulsive behavior is strangely refreshing, but when he tries to engage Angela in his quest, he finds she has an agenda of her own. Death awaits at every turn, and sparks of romance fly in this compelling adventure that reaches from the United States, across Europe, and through exotic settings of North Africa and the Middle East.


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