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The Oracle of Stamboul

Michael David Lukas




It was the last night of their journey, the night before they were set to dock in Stamboul, when Eleonora decided to reveal herself ... After seven long days in the hull of the ship, she was dirty and her lungs were filled with coal dust. Imagining how she must look, she considered trying to clean herself up, to wash herself somehow or fashion a new dress from a bolt of fabric, but there was no soap in the hull and any dress she could fashion would ruin more of her father's merchandise. She would have to present herself as she was. Pulling her hair back, she straightened her dress, tidied up around the trunk, and made her way over the familiar landscap of luggage to the great iron door that led out of the hull ...

Behind this door lay her father, all manner of food and bedding, hot soup, feather pillows, and the crystal air of the sea. A shiver of anticipation ran down to her fingertips and she paused to steady her breath. This was it.




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