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Three-Way Mirror

Michael Kuser




Istanbul, Athens, Rome


"As the Bosphorus sweeps all before it down to the sea, always water but different water, so does the cast of characters in the city change over time, always people but different people."


This turn-of-the-millenium portrait weaves together three light-hearted tales of Rome, Athens and Istanbul. Here are the Colosseum, the Parthenon, and Hagia Sophia, yet the characters see sides of each city that the casual visitor would never see. Fascinating fun. A Polish musician teaches a Georgian refugee how to beg on the streets of Rome; A Russian barmaid ducks a police shootout in Athens; a Kyrgyz madman climbs trees to watch eagles fly over the Bosphorus.


The magical blend of art and politics illustrates the clash of cultures in Europe, and its easy style lets you toss the heavy mantle of history in the air like a scarf in the wind.


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