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Deep Waters

Barbara Nadel




On a foggy night, by the banks of the Bosphorus, a man's corpse is dumped into the water, his head almost severed from his body.  His identity card names him as Rifat Berisha, a twenty-five year old Albanian.  His family, resident in Turkey for decades, is stoic and impenetrable.  But when Inspector Ikmen, whose mother was Albanian, consults his cousin Samsun he's left in little doubt as to the cause of the man's death. For the Berishas are embroiled in a terrifying, implacable, self-perpeturating blood fued with a rival clan.  And, as Samsun points out, if either of the warring families discovers who Ikmen's mother was, he himself will be pulled into their murderous vendetta.


Determined not to be swayed by Samsun's asumptions, Ikmen finds himself journeying into his own past, forced to confront what the dimly rmembered death of his magical, passionate and mysterious mother really meant ...





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