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How Do I Run a Reading Club?

Since 2006, many schools have been successfully running a Greenhouse Reading ClubWe aim to make the process as easy as 1,2,3...


Image All you have to do is: 


1. Give out the magazine 


2. Collect the children's orders 


3. Give out the packages of books to the students




1.)  Give out the magazine


 We deliver as many copies of the magazine as you want. We also provide a draft letter in English or Turkish, that you can change as you wish. Send the magazine and cover letter home with the children, with the final deadline for returning orders marked clearly.


2.) Collect the money and order forms from the children


Some schools have class teachers or English teachers collect the orders. Others assign library or secretarial staff to the task. You do not need to worry about calculating how many copies of each book has been ordered in total, or need to re-enter each child's order into a computer, as with many other book clubs. Just simply prepare a list showing child's name and amount collected for us to pick up on the appointed day, with the forms and money. 


If your school does not want to handle money, parents can pay by credit card! If you prefer this option it means you do not need to collect cash.


Also, Greenhouse is willing to send a representative to the school to pick up the orders and collect money on one day so it is not such a big job for the teachers and staff.




3.) Give out the packages of books to students


 Within seven working days of collecting the orders from you, Greenhouse will deliver the orders all organized by class and student and already packaged. You just need to hand the bags out. No extra work for you!  


Remember! The Greenhouse Reading Club is a great way to encourage reading and to build your library with the FREE books—20% of total purchases by the students!


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