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Why Run a Greenhouse Reading Club?

ImageOur Greenhouse Reading Club Magazine is popular! It is a colourful, 16 page magazine featuring 150 popular titles which include a variety of new books ranging from pre-school to high-school. 


Unlike foreign magazines, where the school's administration has to deal with importing books from abroad, the Greenhouse Reading Club is Turkey-based. 


Why do the magazine?  

  • Most importantly you earn 20% of total sales in FREE books.
  • We process the orders in 7 working days. You have no problems with shipping and customs.
  • Our prices are in YTL, and are very reasonable!
  • No complicated administation. We make up the packages for each student’s order - you just have to hand them out.
  • To help parents who would like to choose books but do not speak English or who would like to see the page of the book to check the text, etc., we have included a brief explanation in Turkish about the book and a sample page of the book on the website.


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