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A Woman and Her God

Beth Moore






Most women today feel anything but extraordinary. Trying to meet the ever-pressing demands of career, church, and family leaves us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frazzled. At our best, we feel average. At our worst, we feel like we'll never measure up to people's expectations.


Yet God says that you are extraordinary. And He invites you to a closer relationship with Him. In A Woman and Her God, several of today's most beloved Christian communicators share insights that will help  you grow closer to your heavenly Father:

Learn the Secret to What Makes Life Work

Discover how God Really Views You

Live Out God's Purpose at Every  Stage of Life

Remove Your Prejudices and Enjoy Unity with Others

Get Outside Your "GOD-BOX" and Trust Him no Matter What


As you read this chapters from Beth Moore, Jill Briscoe, Sandra D. Wilson, Kathleen Hart, David Hager, Thelma Wells, and Beverly LaHaye, you will discover how to deepen your relationship with our awesome, loving God. He wants to be not just your Creator, but your companion, so that you may see yourself as you truly are and live the extraordinary life to which He has called you.


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