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A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs

Metin Yurtbaþý



Turkish proverbs embody the deepest feelings and beliefs of the Turkish people. They reveal qualities we cherish such as liberty, courage, diligence, kindness, forgiveness, honesty, gratitude, hospitality, patience, sacrifice, thrift, generosity and humility, as well as those we disdain such as cruelty, idleness, greed, envy, ingratitude, gluttony, pride, scorn and selfishness. Containing the most extensive collection of proverbs that ar unique to Turkey and some Turkic lands, A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs reflects Turkish attitudes toward adversity, agriculture, commerce, education, justice, marriage, neighbors, occupations, religion, sorrow, success, wealth, weather, women and many other areas of life. Following is a selection of comments on the first edition of this Dictionary:
“Proverbs reveal a nation’s character in finest details. Turkish proverbs comprise one of the world’s richest and most choice collections of wisdom. Reflecting  a noble way of living in a long history, these proverbs Express the richness of the Turkish culture. Presenting to other nations these wise sayings, apart from its universally educational value, is a highly patriotic service. Mr Metin Yurtbaþý has obviously been successful in doing that with his dilligent research using extensive resource materials. He thus deserves the appreciation of his own people and the people of other nations. I personally congratulate him with all my heart.”


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