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Okuma I: Turkish Easy Readers

Ali Akpýnar



  • Pen friend
  • Turkish fairy tale
  • Biographies
  • Strange news
  • Anatolian hmyts, Troya
  • What is what
  • Tales from Anatolian folks
General Info
Turkish easy readers are simplified Turkish textbooks for foreigners who want to improve their understanding level, and learn new vocabulary as well. These books can be used both as self-study materials and teaching materials. Vocabulary used in these books is limited and chosen for everyday needs.The level of the books are beginner, intermediate and advanced:
The levels of the easy readers are specified according to:
  • Content
  • Tense
  • Number of words 
  • Structure
After each part, learners do the exercises to analyze and understand the text and read again. The type of exercises are:
  • True / false
  • Wh- questions
  • Word matching
  • Who says what
  • Putting the text in order
  • Multiple choices
  • Completing the sentences
  • Choosing the correct answer
  • Combinig the sentences
In the texts (except elementary level), some words like "benim, senin, onun, bizim, sizin, onlarin" are in gray bold, because these words are not usually used in colloqial language except that we need to emphasize them.


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