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Talebe I: Turkish Lessons

Ali Akpýnar




Turkish Lessons I is a course for students who want to be able to understand and talk about daily situations in modern Turkish language. The 55 units cover a wide range of issues, including:
  • Introducing yourself
  • Talking about other people
  • Asking how people are 
  • Objects and their qualities
  • Shopping for food
  • Saying and asking what you have 
  • Giving commands
  • Saying and asking where you are going
  • Saying what you want
  • Giving about personal information
  • Talking about plans
  • Talkin about routine activities
  • Comparison
  • Describing people
  • Obligation
  • Necessity & duty
  • At the doctor
  • Suggestions 
  • Requests & permissions
  • Biography 
  • Talking about experiences
  • City tour
  • Reporting statements
  • Saying where things are
  • Shopping for clothes
  • Ability
  • At the restaurant
  • Talking about future events
  • Giving advice and more... 
Containing diversified texts, partly abstracted from the series of Turkish Easy Readers, short grammar explanations, and plenty of vocabulary and comprehension exercises, Talebe is a student’s and practice book for beginner and lower-intermediate level students who want to talk and enjoy Turkish.
For whom is Talebe?
  • For adult students from mid-teens
  • For day/evening classes
  • For further and higher Education
  • For anyone wishing to gain a knowledge of Turkish 
Teaching technique
  • Introduction to the situation (listening / vocabulary / reading)
  • Grammar point related to the situation (structure / repetation / pronunciation)
  • Using the language learned through pair work (speaking / pronunciation)
  • Extra dialogue / listening related to the situation (listening / pronunciation)
  • Extra related grammar points (structure / repetation / pronunciation)
  • Guided group activity or more pair work (speaking / pronunciation)
  • Reading text (grammar review / pronunciation / new vocabulary)
  • Guided writing activity or assignment (grammar review / new vocabulary)


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