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A Dictionary of Turkish Verbs In Context and By Theme

Ralph Jaeckel



One of the keys to learning the Turkish language is to understand the importance and function of the verb. The stem of the verb, together with various suffixes of mode, tense, persons, along with a subect and/or object, may be the equivalent of an entire English sentence.

A Dictionary of Turkish Verbs is an aid to both the beginning and more advanced student of the language by providing approximately 1,000 verbs in context as they appear in up-to-date colloquial Turkish phrases and sentences, or short dialogues in translation.

Contrasting English and Turkish ways of expression, this multipurpose dictionary also helps the English seaker avoid the most common errors - with most verbs cross-referenced to related verbs, synonyms, or antonyms, and to the broader themes or categories of meaning to which they belong.

This dictionary includes an English-Turkish index, a thesaurus section (using Roget's categories) where verbs of related meaning appear together, and a short reference list of verb-forming suffixes.

For students at any state of learning the Turkish language, or for the self-motivated traveller, this unique dictionary will help open the door to greater understanding in an increasingly important area of the world.


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