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Turkish Shadow Play Karagöz

Ünver Oral



Theatre is a bundle of arts. In each society, the foundation of theatre differs due to each society's art and cultural richness, capabilities and requirements. However, it has been specialized as the native theatre of respective societies. And these native theatres have been called "folk theatre" or "traditional drama".
Some of these powerful and rich folk theatres have survived until today as information, and some of them as practises. These folk theatres must not be considered as rivals to the modern-world theatre, as they represent different colours and beauty. Shadow theatre is a part of folk thetare.
In the Ottoman Empire, representatives of the diverse people living in the Empire with varied beliefs, traditions, customs, colours, languages, and religions met each other on the stage for hundreds of years. They acted the parts of both actors and spectators. The actors lives their roles and performed themselves as "comedy". Over time, such plays developed and turned into one of the best folk theatres of the world. The best and the most significant branch of it is called ' shadow theatre' or ' Karagöz'.


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