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Turkish Meze

Sevtap Yüce




Turkish Meze explores the joy and abundance of homestyle sharing plates. Drawing on Sevtap Yüce's rich heritage, this book contains eighty delicious recipes for Turkish sharing plates - from classics to more modern interpretations, but always with Sevtap's nod to flavour and simplicity. Organised into sections covering dips, small dishes, dolmas, salads, vegetables, seafood, meats and sweets, Turkish Meze is a straightforward, delicious introduction to the dishes and culinary traditions central to this vibrant culture. Recipes include Artichoke and Potato salad, Lamb cutlets, Braised Borlotti Beans, Sardines wrapped in vine leaves and Chickpea, Yoghurt and Tahini Dip. This book is for anyone with an interest in Turkish food - it is straightforward, delicious and the recipes work every time.


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