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Berlitz: Turkey Pocket Guide





This Berlitz Pocket Guide is packed with all the information you need to enjoy Turkey, in a genuinely pocketable format. Places to go are explored within easy-to-use, colour-coded sections, so you can locate the information you need at a glance. The country's top attractions are conveniently identified to help you plan your trip and to ensure you see the most fascinating ancient sites and imposing ruins, prettiest villages and most breathtaking areas of coastline.

From exotic Istanbul and the Aegean Coast to the Mediterranean Coast and Far East, all areas are covered in depth alongside full-colour photographs that give a highly visual introduction to this spectacular country. Full colour fold-out maps provide instant orientation wherever you are and include street plans of Istanbul and Istanbul Old City.

A concise history chapter and the handy cultural tips throughout the guide combine to give you a deeper understanding of Turkey's past and present, from Greeks, Ottomans and Ataturk to the twentieth century.

There are plenty of ideas for things to do, whatever your interests, from Turkish baths and shopping in the bazaars to scuba diving and bird watching, not forgetting an evening of belly dancing at a local nightspot for a taste of authentic Turkish culture. There are also helpful hints for those travelling with children. The 'Eating Out' chapter recommends local specialities and provides full listings for all the best places to eat and drink, including useful phrases to help you read the menu and place your orders. The comprehensive 'Travel Tips' section provides an A-Z summary of all the expert practical advice you will need, including reliable recommendations of hotels to suit all budgets, information on health, transport, climate, money and much more.

Small in size but big on content, this guide will help you truly get to the heart of this country and all it has to offer.



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