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Greg and Lucy Malouf




Turkey is a country on the move, an exciting mix of ancient Oriental and modern European influences. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, the cities are teeming with memories of sultans and harems, of Byzantine churches and Seljuk mosques, and ancient kingdoms long gone to dust.


In Turquoise Greg and Lucy Malouf bring their inimitable blend of food and travel writing to the Turkish culinary landscape. The recipes inspired by their journey capture the intriguing variety and richness of Turkish cuisine. Some are classic favourites, such as Little Köfte Dumplings in Minted Yoghurt Sauce; Slowcooked Lamb with Quinces; and Sticky Apricots Stuffed with Clotted Cream. Many more recipes are unique and imaginative, such as Roast Chicken with Pine Nut Barberry Pilav Stuffing; Green Olive, Walnut and Pomegranate Salad; Skewered Sweet-spiced Duck; and Pistachio Halva Ice-Cream.


Against a backdrop of diverse landscapes, architecture and local traditions, Greg and Lucy visit spice markets and tiny soup kitchens, enjoy fish sandwiches on the Bosphorus, feast on Ottoman banquets in restaurants and drink çay in ancient tea houses. Share the Maloufs' unforgettable Turkish journey and discover and extraordinary land that will surprise and delight.


Click here for Marion's full-length review of Turquoise in Turkey's national English language newspaper Sunday's Zaman.


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