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Village in the Meadows

Malcolm Pfunder 




“Village in the Meadows…is a place that has gripped me tightly since I first saw it,” writes Malcolm Pfunder in his memoir about life in Turkey.


This village of 600 in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea region was Pfunder’s home for nearly two years in the mid-1960s during his Peace Corps service, and is a place to which he maintains a special connection.


In this memoir, he reflects back on his Peace Corps experience, offering the reader a firsthand account of life in a small Turkish village and of his and his site partner’s rural community development efforts. With only a vaguely-defined mission to "Go forth and be relevant," they established a dental health program, formed a soccer club, tried unsuccessfully to grow vegetables, and embarked on various other projects.


See Marion's full length review of Village in the Meadows that was published in Turkey's national English-language newspaper Sunday's Zaman.



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