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A 19th Century Railway Station

Fiona Macdonald




Step inside a 19th-century railway station and discover for yourself what went on beneath its vast arches. Superb cutaway illustrations provide a vivid and intimate insight into every corner of the station:

*  Trace the planning of the railway line, the tunnels and the viaducts;

*  Watch the station being built, with great cast-iron girders, glass and wood;

*  Stand near a busy platform and observe the colourful crowds;

*  Visit a signal box, learn about all the gears and levers;

*  See inside the engine shed, and how a steam engine works;

*  Meet the variety of railway workers, with their special uniforms and badges;

*  Walk round a railway kitchen as the travellers' food is being prepared;

*  Examine the specialised railway carriages, the mail trains and the royal trains;

*  Share a luxury compartment with a family off on holidays.


The finely drawn illustrations are combined with a clear easy-to-read text and detailed captions. The book also includes a glossary and index. It will bring history alive!


288x225mm, 48 Pages, Hardcover


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