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Horrible Geography: Earth-Shattering Earthquakes

Anita Ganeri



Geography with the gritty bits left in!


Does geography grind you down? Fed up with miserable maps, rotten rock piles and dire diagrams? Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons as you brace yourself for the shocking world of Earth-shattering Earthquakes...


* Gasp!                  at the earthquake that made a river run backwards.

* Run for your life!   as an earthquake sends the sea surging towards you in a gigantic wave.

* Giggle!                at the hamster shaken out of his cage by an earthquake.


And if that's not ground-breaking enough for you... find out what it takes to become an earthquake expert, learn how to survive if an earthquake strikes and discover how rats and snakes can predict tremors.


It's earth-shatteringly exciting!




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