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Okulunuzu desteklemeye yardım etmek istiyoruz! Greenhouse'un heyecanlı okul programlarının, okumanızı cesaretlendirmek için size edebileceği yardımlara buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Books and Services for Schools

Greenhouse stocks over 60,000 English language books with hundreds of new books being imported from UK publishers each month. We have a wide variety of books for all ages, students, teachers and parents! All our children's books are carefully selected by us and checked for:



Educational value and relevance to school curriculum


Attractive, enjoyable and appealing to children 


Suitability for the relevant age range


Popular authors from good quality publishers


Recommended by educationalists in the

United Kingdom


We hope that this website gives you a flavour of the wide range of appealing English books and services we make available to schools. You can order any of the books you see on the website or make a special request for books that you didn't find here. Ordering and Delivery


Special Orders

Order your curriculum titles, class sets, library books, classroom reading corner books, through us. We give fair estimates and usually do not need to charge extra for shipping and customs because we import books from the UK regularly. Just give us the titles (and ISBN if you know it), and let us do the research for you. See our list of Children's Book Publishers