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A few sections from our collection


At Greenhouse we have over 65,000 books.  Alongside our extensive shelves for children and teens we have many sections for adults.  Cookery, biography, politics and international relations, management and business, learning English, German, French and other languages - all these areas are covered in store. 


For our internet store, we have chosen some particular topics to feature, and you can find these on this page.




Central Asia


ImageThe Turks originally came from Central Asia, and their ancestors rode west along the steppes to Anatolia. The region displays many close cultural links with Turkey, and the linguistic and sociological similarities mean that Turkey has close ties with these former Soviet States.






ImageBibles, books that explain what Christianity is about, and books to help Christians apply their faith in their daily life.

(Note: Books on Islam are to be found in our section related to Turkey.)






ImageClassics of World Literature are not just books that have been loved by generations of readers. They have a special timeless quality, a way of interpreting and explaining the human condition, an influence that lasts, and often mark a turning point in moral or social thinking.




Middle East


ImageTurkey is often described as a bridge between the East and the West. It is a key player in the region, and what happens in the Middle East can have significant impact on Turkey. To fully understand Turkey's eastern and southern neighbours, choose from the books in this section.






Image"A good book is a friend for life". Enter into a new fictional world with one of the novels in this section.  Romance, adventure, mystery, suspense, comedy: find them all within the pages of a novel.